7 Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Home Buyers

7 Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Home Buyers

When it comes to promoting your home listing and attracting a high number of bidders, you need to know what buyers look for. Market trends and buyer must-haves in San Jose real estate change by the day, but there are seven key elements that have consistently proved effective in impressing buyers. If you want to make the most out of your home, be sure to implement the following seven features to make the best first impression on potential buyers.

A great real estate agent

For starters, you need a real estate agent, but not just any agent will do. You need an ambitious, motivated, and resourceful agent who specializes in the area you’re hoping to sell your home. As a home seller, keep an eye out for a seller’s agent. These agents specialize in selling and marketing homes for the best possible value.
When assessing candidates, you’ll also want to factor in their experience, reviews from previous clients, and overall disposition. Are they friendly and communicative? Are they motivated and goal-oriented? A great agent stands out above the rest because of their dedication to your success. They’ll stop at nothing to ensure your needs are met.

Professional home photography

In the world of real estate, appearance is everything. When you list your home for sale, you want it to make a good impression at a glance. The simplest way to maximize your home’s initial appeal is by investing in professional home photography. Home photographers are specially trained to capture the most flattering aspects of your home and showcase its best assets. Their strategic use of lighting, space, and angles help distinguish a promising home listing from a lifeless one.
Consider photography as the hook that draws buyers in. The better quality the photographs are, the more likely buyers are to check out your listing.

Attractive curb appeal

Along with professional home photography, curb appeal is another effective way to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Curb appeal is defined as the view people see when they look at your home from the street. Curb appeal includes the exterior of the home, the front and back yard, any decks and patios, and everything else that’s visible from the outside.
You want the exterior of your home to look good and leave a favorable impression for a handful of reasons. First off, a well-tended front lawn and porch indicate that you’re a responsible homeowner who cares about the condition of your home. It also shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond to make your home appeal to a variety of buyers. Additionally, attractive curb appeal makes guests feel welcome, which is especially effective for hosting in-person tours.
All in all, every home listing needs to look its best. From the quality of the photographs to the condition of the property’s exterior, appearances go a long way in a successful home sale.

A desirable property location

The number one rule to selling real estate is location. The location of your home matters because buyers tend to be looking for convenience – that is, proximity to public transportation, amenities, and the city’s other attractive features, such as restaurants, shopping malls and boutiques, and recreational activities. If your home is located in a favorable part of town, be sure to advertise that. List the nearby amenities and attractions. Mention public transportation if there are any stops or stations within walking distance.
The key to selling your home in a quick, effective manner is by capitalizing on its best assets. Location is one of the major deciding factors for buyers across the country. Even if they like the home, if the location isn’t the most favorable, they might not end up buying.

Great home condition

It goes without saying that the condition of the home is vital to attracting buyers. Every home benefits from a pre-listing home inspection in order to determine anything that may need repairs or replacements. For example, old air conditioning systems should be replaced with newer models. Swap out old light bulbs for new, energy-efficient ones. Paint over peeling walls and replace scratched and scuffed flooring. The less maintenance a buyer has to do after purchase, the more likely they are to even buy in the first place.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient homes have become widely popular over the last couple of decades. There are a number of benefits to an energy-efficient home – they reduce energy usage, save money on utility costs, and lessen the strain on the environment. Consider replacing appliances, lighting, and housing systems with energy-efficient models, then be sure to advertise these features on your listing. An energy-efficient home is more likely to sell faster and for better value than a home without energy-efficient fixtures.

Description of unique features

As mentioned before, one of the most effective strategies in selling a home is promoting and showcasing the best aspects of your home. Your home listing should include everything that distinguishes your home as desirable and unique – every reason why buyers should buy your home.
Of course, if you’re ever unsure about what to say, consult your real estate agent. Agents know exactly what buyers look for and what makes a home stand out from the crowd. Your agent should help you come up with an effective description for your home listing that promotes its best features.
The description should include the location, nearby amenities, and other noteworthy things about the home, such as hot tubs, entertainment rooms, home offices, and more.
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