7 Reasons People Love Living in Sunnyvale

7 Reasons People Love Living in Sunnyvale

For those looking to migrate to California, the San Francisco Bay Area is an absolute must-see. There are many cities boasting their own unique benefits within this area, but Sunnyvale real estate stands out above them all. Located in Santa Clara County at the core of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale offers not only a vibrant tech culture but also year-round natural beauty, truly embodying what makes the Bay Area exceptional.

1. Big city with a quaint vibe

With a population of 155,805, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Sunnyvale has still managed to maintain an atmosphere that doesn't feel as congested as it truly is. Thanks to its expansive acres of parks and open spaces throughout the city's neighborhoods, residents of Sunnyvale real estate can revel in nature by going for walks and runs, engaging in sports, and enjoying picnics under the sunny skies.

An air of nostalgia hangs on the streets downtown, with its array of charming storefronts and eateries, as well as a nearby train station that allows for quick access to other parts of town. Every Saturday morning, Downtown Murphy Street is closed off so that visitors can enjoy all the delightful offerings at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market, which only sells locally-made goods.

2. A car-friendly city

There's no need to worry about parking in Sunnyvale. Just a couple blocks away from downtown lies four parking garages, and surface parking lots are woven throughout the center of Sunnyvale. As far as anyone can tell, Sunnyvale tops Silicon Valley towns in the abundance of free off-street parking options.

3. Fantastic weather

From its perpetual sunshine to its near-perfect temperatures, it's no wonder why California is renowned for its sunny climate. Sunnyvale averages just 16.5 inches of rain a year. The majority of days are between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with the average temperature in the high 70s. The temperature only drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 66 days of the year. 

4. A tight-knit sense of community

The Bay Area is a region that can provide so many adventures, nightlife, and entertainment. Although nearby cities like Palo Alto and San Mateo boast energizing activities, the true gem of this area lies in Sunnyvale's wonderfully vibrant community, making it one of the most attractive reasons to move there.

Step into the heart of Sunnyvale real estate and experience vibrant neighborhood vibes on Historic Murphy Avenue. Loaded with extraordinary local delights, you won't be at a loss for delicious options here! Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner — or maybe just an afternoon snack — Murphy Avenue will tantalize your taste buds like no other place in town. With abundant offerings ranging from Off The Rails Brewing to Gelateria Bella Roma's delicious gelato varieties, Murphy Avenue promises a weekend full of enjoyable moments with friends and family.

5. A strong tech sector

Industry has been an integral part of Sunnyvale’s identity since the early 1900s when Libby, McNeill & Libby — a Chicago-based meatpacking company — opened a fruit-packing factory in 1904. This marked the start of an industrial period that was to continue through today and beyond.

As a necessity of World War II, the technology used for warfare was brought to Sunnyvale by way of naval yards and defense tech. Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin eventually made their home in the city as well back in 1956, transforming it into an industrial mecca ever since.

After enjoying a period of economic growth, Sunnyvale soon transformed into the tech playground it is known for today. With the combination of innovative start-ups and renowned tech corporations like Google and Apple nearby in Silicon Valley, there are countless opportunities for technology professionals to thrive.

6. Diverse dining

Sunnyvale prides itself on offering an array of distinctive cuisines, and its world-renowned restaurants serve up numerous international flavors. Whether you are searching for one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern cuisine or just a casual bite to eat, Dishdash on Murphy Avenue is the place to be. This family-owned restaurant has multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, with its inaugural site in Sunnyvale renowned as one of the top eateries in town.

The pandemic didn't stop ShaKa Brewing from opening its doors and quickly joining two local favorites: Faultline Brewing Company and Off The Rails Brewing. All three of these establishments offer an amazing selection of freshly brewed draft beers that are sure to impress. Lastly, Merit Vegan Restaurant fuses together flavors from India, China, and Thailand to make a wide range of dishes accessible for vegetarians and vegans.

7. Outdoor oasis

The picturesque beauty of the Bay Area beckons, with its expansive trails and breathtaking reserves. Nestled in a close-knit community, Sunnyvale offers plenty of outdoor recreation. Make your way south to the rest of Sunnyvale, and you will discover a variety of beautiful parks. Take De Anza Park, for example; it features private gardens, a barbecue area, basketball courts, an open field, and playgrounds perfect for birthday parties and fun-filled afternoons. Ortega Park is another popular spot, thanks to its basketball courts, lighted tennis courts, and stunning greenery as far as the eye can see.

Northern Sunnyvale, the picturesque southernmost tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, is home to Baylands Park, boasting many acres of grassy meadows, a wetlands preserve area, a picnic space, a playground, and the Twin Creeks Sports Complex. Additionally, golfers can swing over to The Golf Club at Moffett Field in Eastern Sunnyvale for non-membership play with no strings attached.

For hikers, an hour spent driving down the I-280 S will bring you to the stunning Santa Cruz mountains. Explore local wineries and wander miles of hiking trails for breathtaking views of your city's skyline.

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