Move-In Ready or Home Renovation: What is Your Best Fit?

Move-In Ready or Home Renovation: What is Your Best Fit?

When it comes time to find a new home, it is unlikely that you are going to find a home that fits your lifestyle perfectly without changing anything. Sometimes, simply adding your own touches of decor will be enough to give you a sense that this house is now your home, but other times you may want to make major changes and renovations before you really settle in.

There are plenty of options to consider, from the benefits of Mountain View estates to the convenience of Mountain View condos, and that choice alone may be influenced by how much work you want to put into your new home. However, when it comes to choosing between a home that is move-in ready and one that requires some renovation to meet your needs, you are likely to find you are primarily choosing between the things you are willing to compromise and the things you are not.

The appeal of move-in ready

The appeal of move-in ready comes with the idea that you are receiving a home that, while not built to your personal specifications, is still brand new and has no history for you to worry about. Move-in ready homes should be up to date with the latest building standards in terms of insulation, wiring, and plumbing, which can save a lot of headaches and make for a more efficient home.

In addition, one of the benefits of such a home is that no one else has already done renovations. That means you do not have to worry about whether past updates or repairs were done right and whether there may be a disaster waiting to happen hiding behind a wall or in a basement or crawl space.

The benefits of renovating a home

The most significant benefit of renovating a home in Mountain View estates is that you get to make all the choices. Depending on how involved you are willing to get with renovations, you may even be able to ensure there are no surprises behind the walls as well as updating insulation, windows, and doors to create a more efficient home.

Choosing to renovate is also likely to open up a lot more options in terms of location, as move-in ready homes will likely restrict you to neighborhoods that may not have the history or appeal you are looking for. If you are willing to renovate, you can live almost anywhere and are not bound by the decision a developer made regarding the best setting for a home.

Downsides of move-in ready

No two homes are built the same, and simply because you are choosing new construction or even looking at Mountain View condos does not mean you can forgo a closer look at the quality and methods employed. Different contractors will approach homebuilding in different ways. Some may place a high priority on using only the best materials and techniques, while others can be tempted to place more emphasis on keeping costs down.

If you choose to go with a move-in ready home, you should still consider a home inspection and be ready to ask probing questions about things such as R-value (a rating of insulating capability) of windows and doors, quality of construction materials and, perhaps most easily overlooked, information about the land in regard to soil quality and stability.

One often-forgotten benefit of buying an existing home that has stood for a few years is knowing that it has had the opportunity for any mistakes or problems to become apparent. While quality builders should have taken every precaution to ensure no problems will creep up with a new home, even the most experienced contractor cannot account for everything. As such, you should not take anything for granted with a move-in ready home and do your homework on the area, the builder, and the home itself.

The price of renovating a home

The most obvious downside of purchasing an existing home and renovating in Mountain View estates or even Mountain View condos is the added cost, but just how costly it can be may not be obvious from the start. Renovations are a slippery slope in that they can easily spin out of control, and pulling down a wall or removing a fixture can uncover additional repairs you had never expected.

Of course, if this is a home you have already committed to, it is likely that any additional work you find needs to be done, you might have had to take care of eventually. However, the excitement and anticipation of fixing up your dream home can quickly sour if additional work pushes back your move-in date or even just inconveniences you while you are trying to settle in. No one wants to live in a construction zone, and having to navigate plastic sheeting or avoid entire areas of your home months after you moved in can be frustrating.

If you decide to take on the added cost and work of renovating a home, it is essential that you have a thorough inspection by a trusted professional before even considering making an offer. This is an area where a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows the area can also be helpful. The right agent will catch things you might miss.

Knowing your priorities

The ultimate deciding factor when choosing a home that is move-in ready or one that needs some renovation will always be where your priorities lie. If having everything your way is the only way for you, a move-in ready home is likely to leave you wondering whether you made the right choice. On the other hand, if you simply want convenience and do not want to risk unexpected costs down the line, renovating may not be the best choice. When it comes time to decide, make certain you have someone with experience to help you work through your ideas and concerns.

The easy decision

Renovating versus move-in ready Mountain View estates may be a difficult choice, but whether or not to work with a qualified real estate agent is not. Anyone who has attempted major home renovations without past construction experience knows how overwhelming it can be, and the same goes for buying a home. You can rest assured you are making informed and intelligent home-buying decisions when you use the help of a quality real estate agent, such as Martin Quintana, who brings local knowledge and professional expertise to help you make the right choice for you. Martin can help you deduce what path is best for you and make sure to seek homes that fit your preference to ensure a smooth and stress-free homebuying experience.

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